Pocket Light software for the Motorola Q lets you assign a speed-dial number to the camera flash on the Q, giving you the convenience of a tiny flashlight with the push of one button. It's able to do this without turning on the camera at the same time, thus saving battery life. You can also set a timer to automatically turn off the flashlight after you push the button.

If you're familiar with the workings of the Q, its flash is simply a small LED that lights up and stays on while the camera is on, so this software just takes advantage of that little light. As with most things on the Motorola Q, it unfortunately takes about a half a dozen button pushes just to get the flash to turn on, so this Pocket Light software actually could come in handy if you often find yourself needing a flashlight in a hurry.


It's available for download as a five-day free trial version; it will cost you $4.95 to buy the software.

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