Antti Hakala is a Finn who loves to hack things together, share music and, apparently, be hated by the neighbours. That's why he created this military-looking version of a Lasonic Ghetto Blaster from scratch, using scrapped components for total cost of $373. While it's not as cool as the classic one or as powerful as the infamous 17,000-watt car audio system, the job is quite impressive:

In fact, Antti says that this one is "better sounding and looking blaster than money buys from stores" at the same price. The trick is to use good second-hand components at a very low price to start with:

Rough price list: Drivers and crossovers: $124
(bought second hand, new pair would have been around $293)
Amplifier kit: $65
Battery and Charger: $109
Plywood, glue, etc.: $73

We asked him if a metal version was planned but according to him this is impossible unless they "track down someone who can weld aluminum. It would be hard to make it airtight and light enough so one could carry it around otherwise." And the wood always gives a great feeling.


The result, according to him, is a very loud device that "really works and cheers people up" in his "field tests." I think he meant "really works and annoys the hell out of everyone but other punks like us" but it's ok, we like it as soon as he doesn't play Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. [MetkuMods]