If you are lucky enough to be on the LucasFilm Christmas card list, you get a lot more then updates on how little Anakin Skywalker is progressing with his potty training. You get a card that is absurdly cool collector's memorabilia...perfect for framing, eBaying or taping to the skin over your heart. This Stormtrooper pop-up card by Lorraine LeBer was the 2007 greeting of choice. And we're waiting for them to start kicking, Rockettes style. Hit the jump for a few more of our favorites from the past 30 years.


1982 "Yoda Vanity Plate Edition"

1982 "Frisky Ewok Edition"


1995 "Fruitcake/Coal Edition"

Hit the link for more LucasFilm cards. [/film via neatorama]