A Giz reader entered into a San Francisco Best Buy today and was confronted with the image above. An open box Razer Lachesis Gaming Mouse for $71.99 ($8 off regular price) when they are clearly on sale for $59.99. Naturally, Best Buy customer service sprung into action stating that they cannot change the price of an open item, there are none left in the back, and all of the managers were conveniently in "a meeting."

I did a little research and discovered that all Razer gaming controllers are, in fact, on sale through the 29th — but with the following disclaimer:

*Markdowns taken from regular prices. Excludes special order, clearance, demo and open-box items. Selection varies by store. Rainchecks on insert items only.

What the hell? I'm sure that there is some sort of explanation for this, but I'm also sure that it is ridiculous. [Thanks Daniel!]