(UPDATED: New 2008 LEGO sets information after the jump) Just when I was looking for the completion of the LEGO Millennium Falcon, I got sidetracked by another Harrison Ford minifig, this time with a fedora and a whip: these LEGO Indiana Jones sets are not as massive as the 5,195 pieces of the Falcon, but all together they are begging for some silly playing and block whipping. But hold on, because there's a lot more coming. We talked with LEGO about what to expect this year:

UPDATE: Apart from the four new classic Indy sets in stores now, there will be four new sets based around the new movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This will be coming out in May. The four new movie sets closely replicate key scenes from the movie and introduce new characters into LEGO minifigure form. Funnily enough: Harrison Ford is and Alfred Molina are the only actors to become LEGO minifigs twice: Han Solo/Indiana Jones and Doc Octopus/Satipo.

There will be new sets based on another major, kick-ass movie: Batman, "We have four sets coming out in June. Three of the sets are based on classic Batman storylines, while the fourth set is linked to the new movie" LEGO spokeswoman Julie Stern told us, "and we're introducing another Batman villain to the LEGO universe." LEGO is also currently working on a life-sized Indiana Jones model that will be unveiled at the New York Toy Fair in February.

As for the current Indy sets, there are four models, from Raiders and Last Crusade, each with their own charm:

• The Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb set shows the Well of Souls complete with the Ark of the Covenant. Sadly, there's no Marion (just saw her) Sallah or snakes. Asps. Very dangerous. You go first. For $19.99 you can't ask for more.

• Race for the Stolen Treasure includes the car and truck from Raider's road chase. Also a low price, and not a lot of complexity: $29.99.

• Temple Escape is the best one of the lot and sightly more complex. $59.99 to reproduce the gold idol temple from the beginning of Raiders, even with a mini-Alfred Molina. While all the rest are available now, the Temple will ship in February.

• Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase gives you all the elements to reproduce the joust in the Last Crusade. And even while it's the cheapest set, at $9.99, the included Henry Jones minifig makes it priceless.


With those prices, they look irresistible for fans, if only to whet our appetites while waiting for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to hit in May. And if the movie sucks, I will be doing a fifth one called Indiana Jones and the Maze of the Millennium Falcons. [LEGO - Initial Indy sets post via Boing Boing Gadgets]