Tymphany LAT, featured in a looong piece at Wired.com, is supposed to be a subwoofer that takes up much less size than others. If you read the website, which refers to speakers as "audio transducers", your head will fill up with jargon and spill out of your nose. Read:

The Tymphany LAT displaces air using a linear array of multiple smaller diaphragms...the Tymphany LAT has been designed with opposing end motors that cancel out structural vibration.

Here, I speak nonsense fluently, let me translate: The LAT uses a number of small speakers to create the same punch as a bigger subwoofer. The Tymphany makes minimal vibrations, as the speakers are stacked, and the driving force for one speaker cancels out shake from it's neighboring speaker.


Cool. Available in the Tymphany LAT 500, which is as powerful as twin 10-inch subs in 5-inch wide case, and the LAT 700 that is the equivalent of two 12-inch subs in a 7-inch case.

Typhany LAT [ via Wired.com ]