Vizio's got almost 30 TVs on the world, with many of them so similar to the others that you can't tell the difference. Here's how you should view them:

• VP504F-50 1080p Plasma. It's got Silicon Optix HQV Processing for better images than most higher-priced sets.
• SV42LF-42 and SV47LF-47 has 120Hz, 1080p, Anti-Judder, and a side HD Game Port. Great for movie watchers (thanks to 120Hz refresh) and gamers.
• Jive Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio Kit. Adds onto many of their sets (including SV42LF and SV47LF) to give you an all-in-one entertainment system.
• Plasma line: 1080p and 720p sets.
• LCD line: 1080p and 720p sets, with the Envy line looking slightly fancier than the Evolution series. Then there's the VW series that's sold at Wal-mart.