Click to viewLive from the Panasonic keynote, the 150-Inch plasma's first details are here, along with blurry shots:

•2k x 4k res, 4x the res of 1080p

•50% less power use via double luminance efficiency — big deal on a set this big.

•You can't afford this.

More details from an interview with Panasonic:

Speaking with an engineer from Panny's Japan TV operations, who revealed a few more bits:

•It's 220volts, so even if you stole it, you couldn't use it in your grand American home. Gary Merson knows more about the power consumption issues, and we'll link to his future story.

•The hardest thing about building a 150-inch TV over a 103-inch TV was the 2160x4096 pixel count on this monster. And the glass is twice as much surface area, so it requires a higher quality piece of glass to be strong enough (and no, it is not thinner).

•No word on contrast ratios, brightness, or weight. I will find out, though

That relatively itty bitty man next to the HDTV is the Panasonic president, and he must either be thinking "I want to lick my TV" or "Sharp sucks." Or both. The screen, at 16:9 ratio, has 9606.45 square inches, compared with 4977.89 square inches on Sharp's now dethroned king, the 108-inch LCD. Sizemodo between the loser, winner, a standard door, and a queen sized bed:

• Home hearth UI lets you to add a fireplace, windows, and wallpaper, etc. Your TV is now your wall, which is cool and sad.

• You can get video calls and use some apps (assuming you'd have a camera or something).

More details coming shortly. [Sizeasy]