Though neither LG nor Philips showcased a thin LCD in their spring lineups, their joint display development group LG.Philips is proudly displaying this 47" Ultra-Slim 120Hz LCD. How slim? 19.8mm, or about .77 inches, making it a lot thinner than the LCD TVs Hitachi is launching, and only a tad thicker than some of the other concepts we've seen. What's nice is that LG.Philips had the courtesy to show "before" and "after" shots of just how slender it had become. More shots and product details in the gallery. [LG.Philips]



A top Philips exec told us the company planned to introduce a thin LCD like others, but probably wouldn't use the 120Hz 19.8mm LG.Philips panel above (Philips only owns 20% of the subsidiary.) He mentioned that quality could be an issue, and that of the four suppliers Philips uses for LCD panels, LG.Philips was not always the best.