It's still years away from mainstream adoption—and there are huge barriers to manufacturing the larger screen sizes—but Sony and Samsung are already slogging it out to achieve the largest screen size for its prototype OLED TVs.

(Toshiba already took its 30-incher out of this year's battle.) The active-matrix organic light-emitting diode technology (AM-OLED), produces brighter images and use less power than any current TV—this Samsung uses half the power of a "typical" 32-inch TV. The 1080p panel is just 4.3mm thick (.17-inches), thinner than any LCD other than the prototypes we've seen this week. The 14-inch is even more impressively razor thin (maybe as thick as a USB flash drive). We were hoping to see the fabled 40-inch prototype, but no luck. The colors pop, the blacks are deep and it makes me think that Samsung, like Sony, is going to transition to OLED more quickly than anyone guessed. Plasma's not dead, but LCD might be. Photos by Curtis Walker