Click to viewThis TIE Fighter, and the X-Wing after the jump, is what happens when you put together Star Wars, LEGO and steampunk in the title of a contest. That and a collective geekgasm. Truth is, as fun as the official Star Wars LEGO models are, home-made models like this steampunk TIE Fighter have a charm that the former can't achieve. The most amazing thing, however, is the source of inspiration for some of these:

The fascinating illustrations above, some of them extremely good, come from a thread titled "Star Wars: Steampunk" at the CGSociety forums. They were part of the inspiration for models like this X-Wing, which is one of the entries of the Steam-Wars contest being held at From Bricks to Bothan forums, a place dedicated to LEGO Star Wars enthusiasts.

But as nice the Alliance star fighter is, I think the reconstruction of the TIE Fighter definitely beats it in terms of design and sheer steampunking:

Although I'm sure some of you will disagree. So,

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