All right all you one-handed typists, tear yourself away from all that porn for a minute and take a look at this: here's the FrogPad iFrog Bluetooth keyboard, targeted for use on the road with UMPCs and smart phones. Designed to be used with one hand, the iFrog has a so-called patented ergonomic layout, putting the fifteen most-used letters in the English alphabet front-and-center. This scheme reportedly still gives you 100% of the functionality of a regular old QWERTY keyboard.

The 3x5-inch keyboard can be worn on a sleeve with its included Velcro straps, and folds up and tucks away when you're not using it. Trying to talk us into this idea, FrogPad says it takes 10 to 12 hours of training and practice to achieve a 30 to 40 word-per-minute typing speed. Sales pitches aside, this looks like it would be a bitch to learn. No thanks.

One-Handed, Bluetooth-Enabled Keyboard [Bios Magazine]