Did you miss me, my little love ferrets? Thought not. Anyway, enough about me, observe and nod sagely at the Wardrom, a clothes organiser for messy geeks everywhere. Rather than throw your clothes on the floor, simply aim them at the pegs on the wall. More info and pics below.

Designed by a trio of Italian designers known as Paula, Wardrom is described as a vertical wardrobe "to enhance disaster", ie, celebrate the fact that you are a scruffy bastard who, despite your mother's/girlfriend's/parole officer's best attempts to domesticate you, constantly pooh-poohs the idea of order and neatness in the bedroom.

Anyways, I think that Valerio Ciampicacigli, Gabriel Berretta and Simone Bartolucci, the three disorder-orderers, have just invented a fabulous clothes-shedding game. You know, allocate points per peg and item of clothing and, voilà! A more interesting version of foreplay than bottle recycling. [Dezeen]