Unlike Nikon's D40x update, the D60, I'm pretty sure the Canon guy would've noticed if I swapped out my XTi with the XSi Indiana Jones style, and not just because it's tied to the table (I really wanted to). It feels more solid, both in the material (not as toy-like) and in the grip, which now uses the same kind of rubber roughage as the 40D to feel more manly.

Its interface is sexier, with subtle shading and color options, which look even better thanks to the great LCD screen (a necessity with live view, which well, worked). Shooting produced a more satisfying click than than the XTi as well and the autofocus was definitely snappy. We obviously couldn't subject it to lotsa photo tests right here, but if the specs and our bit of time add up correctly, this is the new entry-level DSLR king. [Giz @ PMA]