Okay, I get prosumer cams like Canon's G9 or even Fuji's other big-zoom shooters. The S100FS, I do not get. It's the same size as a DSLR. It costs the same as a DSLR ($799). But it's not a DSLR. And not in a good way.

Its showstopper feature, the ridonkulous ISO ratings, fell way short, though you should keep in mind this is a pre-production model, and it could get much better before it ships: A few snaps shot at 6400 had mad noise, evident even in playback on its LCD screen. That aside, I still can't really feel for this camera. The only feature I can say is neat is the tilting screen but Sony has it too on their new alphas. Maybe some more extensive testing would reveal otherwise, but my based on initial impressions, if you're going to pick up a camera that weighs, feels and is priced like a DSLR, just get a DSLR. [Giz @ PMA]