Click to viewLook, what our friend the crazy modder has done now: mixed a 1981 Octopus Nintendo Game & Watch with a cellphone with his bare hands, probably creating the best retro game handheld/cellphone combo ever. What makes this Octo-phone better than the WiiPhone is that, first of all, people won't think you're a recent release from the local Mentalist Correctional Facility who believes he is having a rational four-way conversation with God, Peter Sellers and Poon-tang the Seven-Legged Donkey on a Wiimote. And secondly, it's Game & Watch, the first game I ever had *goes all misty-eyed*:

As an 11-year-old, I managed to persuade my mum to buy a Double-Screen Donkey Kong Game & Watch for me when we visited NY, and then, what with the bleeps and the profanities emanating from my seat during the eight-hour return flight, she confiscated it. Between ordering a double whisky from the trolley dolly, and settling down with a Harold Robbins she'd picked up at JFK, she left my Donkey Kong in the seat pocket in front of her, tucked between the vomit bag and the safety instructions.


And there it stayed. When we arrived back in London, neither of us, groggy from the cloud of fug produced by the woman with the fuschia nails, tight perm and camel toe in the row behind us, who had chain-smoked a whole carton of fags during the journey while she chatted up the fat man next to her, thought to rescue the Game & Watch from its hiding place.

In the car I cried all the way home. And what made it worse was that when I got back to school and told my friends that Mum had bought me one, but we'd left it on the plane, none of them believed me and, between the bleeps of their Game & Watch consoles, accused me of being a fantasist. You know, the older I get, the more I think they were right. [Goteking via Gizmodo Japan]