Megapixels, ISO, live view, DSLRs and point-and-shoots, oh my! It was cold, wintry and brutal in Vegas—I actually needed a coat, plus I think I caught a cold. Relive the best (and worst) of my glories, plus a sweet video treat.

First Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi Hands On: Your XTi Is Now Junk
A Word About the Canon EOS 5D Successor
Shifty Eyes on Sony Alpha 350: Shooting From the Hip
Hands On Nikon D60 With Stop Motion Movie Walkthrough

Hands On Olympus Stylus 1030 SW Indestructo-Point-and-Shoots
Hands On Panasonic Lumix TZ5 10X Zoomer and HD Camcorder
Fujifilm S1000fd and S8100fd Ultra-Zoom Pro-sumer Camers have 12x and 18x Zoom
Sony DSC-T300 Sony's Top Line Slim Cam
Poll: Is HD Video the Next Must-Have Point-and-Shoot Feature?


Other cool stuff
Sony's 25-Megapixel Full-frame Sensor Lands in Massive Sony DSLR
Leica M8: A Camera for Life
Korean Engineers Develop Miraculous 20,000 Year Photo
Panasonic's Wannabe Ninjas

Okay, some BS
An Unfortunate Grope of SmartParts' Fugly Digital Photo Frame/Printer
Hands On Fujifilm S100FS Faux DSLR: Why?


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