Voice-over IP (VoIP) gets easier to deal with every day as the old-skool phone companies shake in their boots, and here's the next nail in their coffin from VIVOphone, the VoiceKey which is scarcely larger than a thumb drive. It's so tiny that VIVOphone calls it the world's smallest VoIP adapter, and it works with either Skype or VIVOphone's own copycat VoIP service.

The VoiceKey plugs into a USB port on your PC or laptop, and then you can plug a regular old phone into it, even a cordless phone or PBX. Place and receive Skype or VIVOphone calls to any other users on those systems for free, or pay their uncommonly low rates to contact anyone with a phone in the world. The thing even lets you hook up nine people at the same time and switch between calls with the press of a button, or you can conference up to five people together. No pricing was available yet.

Product Page [VIVOphone]