With the Mobile World Congress in full swing, you certainly missed the first breaking moments over the weekend if you did not, tune in. Of course, there was also the usual dose of lazy day craziness. Here's a quick recap:
• Meizu's M8 didn't go on sale, but we caught a look at a new mockup image.
• Nipples everywhere finally got the LED love they deserve.
• A photographer was mistaken for a gunman.
• We gave you the low-down on Sony Ericcson's complete new lineup.
Apple applied for a trademark relating to portable gaming devices. Neat.

• Eric the intern got a one way ticket into space.
• IBM experts said the Storm worm is netting just under $2 million per day.
Bluetooth paired up with Wi-Fi.
• We found a $0.46 iPhone headphone adapter. Yes, there's a catch.
• The Aquafit gymnasium/spa helped us get ripped and stay relaxed.

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