You know, the thing about scrappy underdogs like the Giants is that they're fighters. They bite back. HD DVD has apparently totally lost the will to win, or hell, even to live. Here's their timid response to Netflix and Best Buy's two-fister snub yesterday.

"We have long held the belief that HD DVD is the best format for consumers based on quality and value, and with more than 1 million HD DVD players on the market, it's unfortunate to see Netflix make the decision to only stock Blu-ray titles going forward. While the Best Buy announcement says they will recommend Blu-ray, at least they will continue to carry HD DVD and offer consumers a choice at retail."

[Bold is mine.] They sound like a sad lil' emo kid after Fall Out Boy cancelled a concert. "At least they were gonna come to my town. =(((("

You know what happens when you lie down in the snow? You die. [High-Def Digest]

P.S. The entire sad story of HD DVD's demise is right here.