That busted spy satellite that was going to fall to Earth and hopefully not kill anyone? Well, the Pentagon has decided to not just assume it'd land in an ocean somewhere, and they will take matters into their own hands. That's right: they're going to blow the thing right out of the sky.


The plan is to launch a missile from a Navy ship sometime in early March, smashing the thing to smithereens before it has a chance to enter the atmosphere. While you might think that they're just trying to make sure that the satellite doesn't land on an orphanage or something, in reality they're probably doing this so somebody like China doesn't get their hands on it. It is a spy satellite, after all, not just something beaming pay-per-view boxing down to you.

Hopefully the feds will be kind enough to shoot video or take pictures of the process so we can at least check out what shooting a satellite down with a missile would look like. Do it for the kids, Pentagon. [NY Times]