On restless nights you may have found yourself asking the question, "Why isn't there a finger-mounted, wireless mouse?" Well, put your woes aside, as the loonies great chaps at Brando were thinking the same thing, hence the Wireless Finger Mouse. As you may have guessed, the mouse is finger mounted, specifically to your index digit, whilst the click buttons are operated by your neighboring thumb. Sure, it will function on any surface, but you will require the Hulk's muscular hand to be able to carry the hefty device further than 2-inches in any direction.

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The Finger Mouse operates using 2.4GHz (RF) wireless connection, is compatible with Windows only and also comes supplied with a USB alternative connection, which makes it even more pointless. Quite frankly, the Finger Mouse is more ridiculous than Superman walking somewhere really, really far, but how can we hate Brando? There we were thinking they couldn't possibly top the Ping-Pong webcam—boy, they sure did show us. [Brando]