The latest semi-rugged tablet to hit the market, Motion Computing's F5, keeps a good idea alive: a built-in handle lets the butterfingeriest extraterrestrials field workers keep hold of their precious electronics.

The F5's magnesium frame, outdoor friendly display, resistance to dust and moisture and an easy-to-clean surface add to the semi-ruggedness of this Tablet PC. At 3lbs., it houses an HDD or an optional 32GB solid-state drive, a 2-megapixel camera, and, like its bright-red ancestor, a built-in mono speaker. There's no optical disc drive, though, as often is the case with these smaller tablets. It'll be priced from $2700 to $4000, not including the sweet dock, external keyboard or mounting hardware for the dashboard of your intergalactic space saucer emergency vehicle. [Motion Computing]