Breville is selling this $130 high tech toaster. For that price, you get a stainless steel case, an LED indicator and slider that is as smooth as a DJ mixer's cross fader, motorized lifts and clamps that are capable of 7 pounds of lift (yes), and electrical elements that are rated to last 90 years.

The LEDs are a nice touch, because they double as a countdown timer, but the elements are surprisingly strong. I burned my cheap wheat grain, despite the "look and check" function. It's not the toaster's fault, I just underestimated the power of this thing. And also the bell is kind of not loud enough for my tastes. For $130, its a nice toaster, but how about reducing the totally unnecessary lift power in the motors and giving me some sort of burn detector. Also, Wilson has used some Breville gear before, and although the build quality looks amazing, he's said that they break eventually. Something about being too high tech for their own good. But these are supposedly sturdier and have a 1 year warranty, so take comfort in that. [Music by the King]