Gizmodo reader David Mcmillan has sent us a heads-up about his MacBook Touch concept, based on one of Apple's latest patents: using a transparent multitouch display that can work as a control surface on two sides, both while the device is open and closed. Could this really be the holy grail of tablet computing? Judge from the gallery shots and tell us your opinion after the jump.

As the concept shows, the patent could avoid flip-over screens on tablet-type computers. The transparent touch display will take the normal role of a multitouch surface when the computer is closed. The moment the computer is opened, using a normal clamshell move, the surface will display a keyboard or any other kind of user interface.

While the concept itself is really cool, specially to display other types of user interfaces in the touch screen (like specialized controls for video or music editing programs), I'm still not convinced about typing on a flat surface.

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