See that little glittery thing 'round her neck? Yes, I know she's attractive... but listen: it's a 2GB USB memory stick. Yup, in sterling silver nonetheless. I mean, forget hiding a tiny memory chip on your keychain, this has got to be the way to go. For that "posh" feeling, anyway. The limited edition collection has bracelets and cufflinks for guys too, each with concealed memory with USB connector.

Hand made by designers Tonia Welter and Julia Reymann in Berlin, the entire range is customizable: for more than 2GB of memory for a start. Plus you can choose engraving, gemstone details, leather or metal chains, and a variety of metal finishes from gold through to palladium. Palladium? That's just cool.


We don't know the prices, but we suspect you'll be paying a hefty chunk for the precious metals and "limited edition" tag even before you start choosing custom options. Would be nice to own one though, wouldn't it? []