As any good tech aficionado, Kevin Rose has put together his new home theater system all by himself. Unlike a good rich tech aficionado, however, Kevin Rose has set up quite a humble setup, spending just around $9,040 on it. Honestly, given his worth, I was expecting a Sony Death Star projector and a full Kaleidescape rack. Instead, we got this suburbia setup, complete with setup videos:


Projector: $2700.

Projector screen: $700.

Denon receiver: $1200.

Series 3 HD TiVO: $660.

Klipsch right and left floor standing speaker: $2500 ($1249 each).

Klipsch subwoofer: $500.

Klipsch center speaker: $450.

Apple TV: $330.

Professional installation: free

Total: $9040


It's not that bad, but come on Kevin, we were expecting a full Enterprise-themed home theater. What happened to the spend-spend-spend culture of the 90s? Where's the "dot com" here? Is this part of some kind of some cultivated shabby lifestyle? What's the deal, man? Put some of that money back into the economy, damnit.

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[My HDTV Choice —Thanks Alan]