So you've kept your doll's house a dirty little secret for the last seven years, but you've always felt bad about Polly Pocket not having a functional TV to watch the latest episodes of Desperate Housewives, right? Worry no more! Doks Emporium will provide for you a fully functional, 1:12 scale TV unit. Yes, it really works. Yes, you really can hook up your Wii. Yes, you'd have to be insane to blow £99 ($198) in this fashion, but who cares?


You've got a doll's house for christsake, and you're a thirty-something, overweight, bearded male—this isn't going to make you look any more shit-ass crazy than you already are. If that isn't reason enough to convince you to purchase it, think of the chat-up line you'll be able to throw around; "Hi. My weiner's bigger than my TV. Seriously." Priceless. [Doks Emporium via News Lite]