Five years in the making, Pharad's wearable antenna is aimed at troops in covert operations, and, I guess, undercover cops and agents. Waterproof and flexible, the wearable antenna, which is made out of dielectric material, supports and is aimed to be integrated into body armor vests and helmets, and there's even a snug-fitting undershirt that wouldn't look out of place on one of Bouncy's backing dancers, which you can see below, alongside more information.

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The wearable antenna supports a whole host of communications standards, including EPLRS, 800 MHz radios, cellular/GSM, GPS and WLAN. While the design is currently aimed at the military, there's no saying where Pharad's Flextenna might end up—in the quest for constant connectivity, expect smart clothing companies to sniff around this one. For the moment, though, this will be used to keep track of special op forces who are deep undercover in parts of the world with patchy cellphone coverage—Afghanistan, perhaps. [Pharad via Talk2MyShirt and PR Inside]