It may not be Kurt Russell's stunt car, but if a European company named Prevent is successful in its quest, the world will have the first "uncrashable" vehicle. As their name suggests, the approach they are taking does not involve any space age armor to avoid damage in the event of an accident, rather, the focus is on new technologies that prevent accidents from occurring in the first place. A list of some of these innovations are listed after the break.

WILLWARN: Uses wireless communication to warn the driver about potential hazards that lie ahead.
MAPS&ADAS: Alerts drivers to terrain hazards using sat-nav maps.


SASPENCE: Analyzes safe driving distances and speed.

LATERALSAFE: Keeps an eye on your blind spot.

APALACI and COMPOSE: Analyzes the speed and trajectories of other vehicles and pedestrians in real time.


The systems developed by Prevent are already being tested in the Volvo FH12, BMW 545i, Fiat Stilo, Alfa Romeo 156 and Mercedes E350, but they acknowledged that it would be "a while" before on-board vehicle computers are sophisticated enough to take advantage of this technology. [Science Daily via Jalopnik]