Purple Tentacle, Iron Man, the Spaghetti Monster, a super cool MacBook Air, Master Chief, Ren & Stimpy, and even a Blue Screen of Death made entirely of folders? Oh yes. We got 14 entries for the desktop clutter art contest that started with Spider-Pig and Homer Simpson, and we got the winner right after the jump!

Get your high resolution version on the gallery above

Honorary mentions for the Spaghetti Monster—we like—and the conceptual Windows Blue Screen of Death. Now the top winners:


3rd Place: Goes to Hapax's Iron Man. Why? Because it's nice and we are all Tony Stark fanboys and we like cocktails.

2nd Place: A great rendition of the MacBook Air by Daniel Lagin.

1st Place: For Damien Nozay and his great Purple Tentacle on Linux. Your no-prize will be in the mail soon. In the meantime, you get all the glory. And you can take over the world.

We had a hard time deciding, so thanks to everyone for sending us the good stuff.