Say you're part of KLIK Team, an Eastern European software/cyber criminal organization that has flooded countless computers with malware (such as fake spyware protection) and made a lot of money doing it. What do you do to celebrate another successful year of screwing the world?

A corporate night out at Dave & Busters with all you can eat pizza was specifically not the answer. Try flying 95 employees out to a ski resort and entertaining them with snowboarding, blow-up dolls, briefcases of money and, of all things, mimes. That's what KLIK Team did last February. A few won cars, a few won MacBooks, but when you see the shot of the erection mummy, you'll realize that everyone lost their dignity. Hit the jump for a fairly SFW video and a lightly NSFW gallery.

KLIK Team's practices are illegal under Russian law. So how do they get away with not only doing business, but flaunting it?

Yuri Mashevsky, analyst at Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab explains:

Unfortunately, the Klik group is just one of many such groups operating in Russia, and so far such organizations feel relatively safe. Their actions span not only fake anti-spyware, abuse-proof hosting services, but also a huge number of fake online-shops (which receive money from customers but send them nothing in return). Such groups also trade malware, which is often custom-tailored for their 'clients' needs. As a result, the amount of money earned by such criminal groups is stunning.

And the ways they spend that money? Mostly tacky. [Klik Team Party Page and KLIK Team Party 2.0 via The Register]