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The Wii's "Nintendo Channel" just went live, giving you a way to both watch trailers of current and upcoming Nintendo games, and feed Nintendo information on what games you play. What's the latter for? So Nintendo can better customize the trailers of games to recommend to you, thus making you buy more games and completing the cycle by feeding THOSE stats back to them. How good is it? Okay, I suppose. The other stuff, like downloading DS demos and finding game information (how many players, whether the nunchuck is supported) is more useful. Hit the jump for a huge gallery tour.

The trailers aren't HD trailers like you get on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. It's more like grainy YouTube videos before YouTube raised the quality of their videos. You can pause, and you can skip around in the video by hitting B. The videos go fullscreen if you click on them. There are DS titles, which is nice. Edit</>: Corrected errors.


Downloading DS demos is probably a big part of why you'd use this channel. It's easy, just flip on the DS, pick a demo, and start transferring.

The titles section lets you see what's upcoming and get relevant game stats. There's little worse than buying a game you think is multiplayer and getting home and finding out that it's for you only. Or just plain lousy, in the case of Iron Man, but the Nintendo Channel doesn't give game ratings. It does give you a big image of the box art though.