Unlike Sony's space headphones, which made you look like a doofus, but actually sounded great, the Soundwalk speaker vest offers no such payoff. The sound is tinny, and it's far from personal—I assaulted people near and far with a shallow, bass-less rendition Fastball's "The Way." The worst part? The guy told us the U.S. Army had actually purchased the camo vests. (Your tax dollars at work.) There are actually four different models of awesomely bad available.

The standard, which runs $60 and has no separate volume control. There's also a backpack add on for $50, which Wilson seemed unusually amped about (pardon the pun) since he regularly lugs around a giant Boy Scout backpack. Finally, there's a motorcycle pack which has a beefier amp in the back in addition to the stereo speakers, and can supposedly be heard at speeds up to 80MPH, though the rep admitted he hadn't actually tested it. It's $140, but the shame is free. [Giz @ Koreannovation]