We have seen some amazing LEGO aircrafts in the past, but this F-14 Tomcat has to be the most awesome LEGO plane to date. In fact, it's so technically complex—most parts, including cannons, swing wings, landing gears, brakes, flaps, air intake doors, are electric and pneumatically controlled—that builder Jeroen Ottens got a dream job in Denmark as a Technic designer. Looking at the list of features, we are not surprised:

• Electric controlled

• Canopy

• Cannon

• Swing wings

• Landing gear

• Landing gear bay doors

• Steering of front wheel

• 2 Engines

• Pneumatic compressor

• Pneumatically controlled

• Brakes (main fuselage+wings)

• Arrester hook

• Flaps (front & aft on main wings)

• Glove vanes

• Air Intake Control System doors

• Main landing gear lock

• Manual controlled

• Vertical flaps

• Differentially controlled stabilators

• Air fuel intake nozzle

• Ejection seats


It may not fly like the A-10 RC model, but Jeroen's creation is equally as impressive on its own right. [Flickr via Brothers Brick]