Every year, smartphone cameras get a little bit better. And maybe nothing demonstrates that fact better than the 44 photos you submitted for this week's phone photography Shooting Challenge.

Winner: Nat Geo Inspired


I was watching National Geographic when I looked out and saw the garden was in a shade of orange. It had been heavily raining that day and it had lightened out for the evening. I immediately raced out onto the roof (i can do that in my house) and saw the whole sky was in a deep shade of red. I immediately took out my iPod touch 5g and took this photo. I had to go back in cause it started raining again :P anyways i don't know the ISO or exposure or anything of my iPod. I edited it using VSCOcam photo editing app.

- Movanu Shafeeq

Spalding House

This was in the gardens of the Honolulu Museum of Art - Spalding House. I saw this lizard from about 5 feet away and figured I'd see how close I could get. To my surprise, it just sat there in the bush as I reached my phone to about 12" away and stayed put. I took a bunch of pics in standard mode and selected this one because the way the lizard is looking at the camera how the branches reach up are really interesting.

Shot with Nexus 4 stock camera app (don't know about ISO etc).Then I cropped it square with stock app and went into Pixl-r-omatic. This uses the "Sanna" effect, which I like for images with a lot of green, plus the "Constata" overlay.


- Tom Nauw

Abandoned Boat


We were eating oysters at a restaurant near Point Reyes, California after my friends wedding. A friend had taken a smoke break across the street and told me about this boat abandoned in the marsh. I wanted to check it out myself, so I walked across the street and there she was. The sun had just dipped down and the colors where just unreal. I took this with my iphone 5, and just did a little tweaking in snapseed.

- Derek Pierce

Red Rock National Park


A friend from the internet decided to come visit me. Being as we were meeting for the first time, I thought it would only be appropriate to take her out into the desert. This shot was taken this morning as we hiked the beautiful Red Rock canyons after watching the sun come up over the mountains. I also have a gorgeous one of the sky during the sunrise, but some things need to be kept for yourself, ya know? Taken at Red Rock National Park in Las Vegas, Nevada with a Nokia Lumia 925. I used the Nokia Pro Shot camera app with auto settings. The background was blurred separately using Nokia Creative Studios.

- Derek Rodriguez

Pendulum Lamps


While waiting for my wife at our local mall on Saturday, I took this photo at a kiosk selling plastic pendulum lamps — using my Samsung Note 2's HDR setting.

- Patrick Masterson



A few days ago I woke up and noticed it was snowing. I got so excited so I found my ōlloclip lens and went outside. I used the macro lens to capture this snowflake. It took a few tries but this one was my favorite. I then used the Afterlight app to edit my photo. This was taken on an iPhone 4.

- Molly Ryan



I have to admit, I was intimidated by this challenge. I've seen some really incredible pictures taken & edited on camera phones. I didn't really plan on going out to take any pictures so I figured I'd make due with what I had. No willing subjects, so I decided to do a Stormtrooper shot & make it look life size. I had experimented with Stormtrooper shots before & thought I could pull if off with a phone. I happen to have access to a number of phones, a Blackberry Z10, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, iPhone 5s & a Nokia Lumina 810. After several shots with each, I found the Lumina the friendliest for my needs. I wanted to get the subject in focus, dark background & some bokeh light effects. I happened to have some Halloween lights I hadn't put away yet to I set them behind the Stormtrooper in a dark room. I almost didn't submit anything, but once I used the Nokia photo editing tools I was a little happier with it. I threw everything at it, focus object, radal +tilt shift, clarity. I have a new respect for photo editing apps... Nokia Lumina 810 Flash Close Up setting ISO 100 Auto White Balance

- Javier Valencia



Was out near 5th Ave in NYC near Rockefeller Center on Nov 18th. It was a great cloudy/misty afternoon in NY and it was quite steamy and muggy especially for mid-November. I saw a few of the towers fading into the low flying clouds which is one of the great parts about being in such a tall city. Shot on my dying Nexus Galaxy in the native Jelly Bean camera app at ISO 50, f/2.8 and 1/100s. All set on auto. White balance was off. AE set to 0. ost done in the native gallery app's editing tools. The curves editing is really great in it and a little sepia-ish filter to warm everything a bit. Only regret is that I somehow had it set at 2mp instead of the max 5 so I didn't get all the resolution I wanted.

- Andrew Kao

Stark Tree


This tree is in a wilderness preserve near my house. Every time I walk by, I'm impressed by its stark appearance. I've taken pictures of it on previous occasions, but as I was driving home on the day this contest was announced, I could see that the beautiful sunset would be the perfect excuse for another shot.

As far as hardware, I'm incredibly impressed with the Rezound's camera. I have a couple of DSLRs, but unless I need zoom or extreme wide-angle shots, the Rezound camera works as well as any camera I've owned. HTC Rezound - 8MPcamera with an f/2.2,28mm lens


- Randy Gibson

Giddy Up


I recently purchased a Samsung NX300, and planned on going on my first “photoshoot” this weekend. On Thursday, I noticed your contest so I made sure to take my iPhone with me to submit a photo. As you can see above, I have no idea how cameras work besides the fact that you can point and shoot. I have always loved looking at amazing looking photos and I GO CRAZY when people improperly frame pictures when out with friends. I also take thousands of pictures of my almost two-years-old son… Hence the purchase of my NX300.

This photo is right outside the apartment complex I live at in Frisco, TX. The statues are right across the street in Central Park. (Insert “there’s no way New York has bulls running towards the street in Central Park” joke here, my best friend beat you to it.)


I used Camera+ to take the photo by messing around with the focus and exposure (also things I don’t know too much about) and Snapseed to add the Drama 2 filter at 100%. I recently discovered this app and quickly found out that it makes clouds look amazing, among other things. I really like how the light coming through the clouds seems to shine right above the man on the horse. iPhone 5

- Jay Rodriguez

I'm old enough to remember arguing with a friend that I'd never understand why someone would place a camera in a (flip)phone, but now, with the technology so good and that phone so perpetually convenient, I'm willing to admit that I may have been wrong. Thanks to all of our entrants. Find the rest of the collection (and larger sizes) on flickr.


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