Turn a Printed Page Into a Touchscreen With This Brilliant Concept

Realizing that the oft-promised 'paperless office' may never actually come to fruition, researchers at Fujitsu are working on a backup plan that gives printed documents similar tablet-like touchscreen functionality.


Using a tabletop projector, webcam, and other sensors, the system can precisely detect finger movements and motion in 3D, allowing a user to interact with a printed page and digitize text or pictures by simply tapping or dragging out selection boxes. The projector creates UI elements that are perfectly matched to a user's finger motions, but it can also facilitate additional content like animations or videos on the page. One thing's for certain, staying up all night to cram for a college final would be a heck of a lot easier with an enhanced textbook. [DigInfo TV]



This seems like a solution looking for a problem. For interactively scanning information, this seems like a decent solution. But, for interactive printed pages, wouldn't it be better to just project the 'interactive page'. I've yet to see an AR solution that is accurate when the camera is being moved. The video shows the pages being pushed down, which wouldn't work correctly with the initial calibration.

The advantage of this method is that the finger wouldn't block part of the projected page. But, since you're using a fixed page size, why not just use a tablet with a separate camera. A decent Android tablet can be had for about half the price of a decent projector.