Four of the Five Highest-Paid Execs in the US Work for Apple

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If you already feel a little hard done by when it comes to your pay check, brace yourself. Bloomberg reports that four of the five best-paid executives across the whole of the US are employed by Apple—and just wait until you hear how much they earn.


They each, apparently, receive a base salary of $805,400. Hey, that's not too bad, right? But wait: the balance is paid in stock options. And there's quite balance to be paid. According to the rankings Bob Mansfield, Senior VP of Technologies took home a package equivalent to a cool $85.5m in 2012. Across the rest of the four, Bruce Sewell, Apple's lead lawyer, netted $69m; Jeffrey Williams, Senior VP of Operations $68.7m; and Peter Oppenheimer, Chief Financial Officer $68.6m. Not too shabby.

Tim Cook ranks way down the list, coming in at number 1,016 with a mere $4.17m package. But that's a bit misleading: he's rewarded in long-term restricted stock, which comes good over a decade, so it's not included in the figures. The other player in the top five? Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, who claims $96.2m for himself. [Bloomberg via 9to5mac]



As they well should, BEST COMPANY EVER. Best products, best customer care, best looking geeks at the mall, and best white matte phones. Seriously, these guys deserve to be paid directly from a flat tax. They are American heroes.

Oh and did I mention, they don't let fucking malware on their products like Linux Android and Windows Vista Microsoft.