Leaked Details of Twitter Music Show That It'll Connect to Spotify, Rdio, iTunes and More

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Though reports had pointed towards Twitter releasing Twitter Music today, all we got was a landing page. Thankfully, designer Youssef Sarhan managed to pry some details from Twitter Music's source code. Because of his awesome sleuthwork, we now know a lot more than we did before. Like how Twitter Music will let users connect with Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, Soundcloud, Vevo and Youtube.

Youssef followed the trail of source code that eventually led to this:

.iconmusic-spotify-connect-btn{background-position:-4431px -0px;height:32px;width:179px}

.iconmusic-player-source-rdio{background-position:-2801px -0px;height:19px;width:30px}

.iconmusic-player-source-itunes{background-position:-2751px -0px;height:19px;width:30px}

.iconmusic-player-source-soundcloud{background-position:- 2851px -0px;height:14px;width:92px}

.iconmusic-player-source-vevo{background-position:-2963px -0px;height:9px;width:53px}

.youtube-vid player{position:absolute;padding:10px;height:200px}

That's Twitter Music connecting with almost all the big boys of online music. In addition, Youssef found that there will be a web interface along with a separate app, the ability to purchase music, the ability to tweet from the music player, charts to presumably show trending music, artist bios and that the font used in Twitter Music will be Proxima Nova. That's a lot of information hiding in the source code!


To read Youssef's full findings, go here. [Sefsar]

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