You Can Try a Leaked, Janky Version of Facebook Home Right Now

Facebook home won't charge into the Google Play store in all its launcher-replacement glory until April 12. But if you need to see it right now, you can satiate your sick urge with a pre-release leak unearthed by Modaco.


The apks were ripped out of a pre-release HTC First ROM, and are a little buggy, so good luck getting all the features to work. Chat Heads, for example, is totally borked. And status updates don't seem to work either. If you want to try it anyway, you just need a device with a max resolution of 1280x768 and the ability to fully delete the existing Facebook app, i.e. if it's built right into your ROM, you'll need root to pull it off. To install, just delete your existing Facebook app, and side-load Facebook Home in its three parts: the main app, the messenger, and the launcher.

From there, it's playtime. In an awkward, buggy playground. Suffice it to say that you should probably just wait another four days for the official release if you want a remotely representative experience. But if you're down for exploring, the door is open. Sorta. [Modaco]


Perhaps Facebook is depending on an all-night hackathon to finalize the software on April thanks, if I have no choice but "janky" bug-ridden software, I'll use the FB app I already have.