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Everything You Need to Know About Electrons

Electrons are tiny little particles that whizz around atoms, right? Well, kinda, but they're actually far better understood as waves. Wait, what? If that makes you stop and scratch your head don't worry! Just watch this video, and you'll know everything you need to about the exciting world of electrons.


Starting off with the best way to think about electrons, then exploring them as orbitals, how they fit into shells around atoms, and then dealing with concepts like ionization, this video does an amazing job of making a complex subject both entertaining and compelling. Go on, give it a watch. [YouTube]

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Reader's guide for Art History majors: the electron is a fundamental particle, one of seventeen thought to exist. It can and very often does exist in isolation as an "anion", not bound to an atom. The electron has rest mass, carries one unit of negative electrical charge, and has spin 1/2. It is thought to be dimensionless, a point charge and mass. However, as its location in space is governed by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, it's hard to talk about its exact location. Like all quantum particles, its location is described by a probability function showing how likely it is to be in a given spot.