The Colorful World of Shots

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Alcohol is supposed to be simple: whisky, whisky and more whisky. Maybe some gin. Tequila if you want to party. Fine, vodka too. But alcohol doesn't have to always be so boring. The sugary world of flavored party shots can be fun! Or at the very least, be super colorful.


It's really ridiculous how humans have come up with a million different ways to get wasted. I've only tried a handful of these but I have my eye on you Russian Quaalude. Stay away from the Four Horsemen though, Jack, Jim, Johnnie and Jose don't mess around.

The image was made by Donald Bullach. You can get a print here.

Illustration for article titled The Colorful World of Shots

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This is to everyone, on all the various gawker sites that bitch and moan about articles here being originating on a different site. Didn't want to reply to a specific person, so they couldn't actually reject my comment, sending it off to the ether.


What's your point? The internet has always been about sharing information and links. It's way to big for everyone to see all of.

Also, Casey linked to the page where this was found, and funny, it actually wasn't pintrest.

People don't bitch like this when an article is posted, linking to a news site. So, why the fuck does everyone care if it came from pintrest/reddit/whereever? You read those sites. Good for you. But you know what? Not everyone else does, so for those people that don't have the free time to read the entire internet, front to back every day, they get to see what they most likely would have otherwise missed.

We get it. You are super cool, and new about this 30 seconds before this was posted here because you saw it on a different site. Just think to yourself, "hey, I already knew about that from insert_source_here", and move on.