Safety Not Guaranteed: Grab Your Flux Capacitor

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There's a storied history of time travel movies, so you might be thinking "who needs one more?" You do. And this is the one you need. Admittedly not your traditional "time travel" movie in the same way that the classics of the genre are, but its weird angle on the concept is what Safety Not Guaranteed brings to the table.


To sum it up, Safety Not Guaranteed is an indie movie from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine that centers around reporters who answer a classified ad requesting a partner for a time travel adventure. Yes, t has the kind of slightly zany, kind of quirky humor you'd expect from an indie movie with this kind of premise, so hopefully you're OK with that. But it's also goes beyond just that, and really runs with the premise, to a place that's more interesting than you might expect. To say too much more risks ruining it. Basically, it's fun.

And, at a scant 86 minutes, Safety Not Guaranteed is bite-sized, making it a total no-brainer of a watch. Really, you've got nothing to lose. It just showed up on Netflix Instant so go give it a shot, and travel an hour and a half into the future. [Netflix]


Sam Feinberg

A no-brainer indeed. Cutesy indy stuff with 86 minutes of doe-eyed Aubrey Plaza and the same music you've heard in every other twee indie pic. Not a bad film, not exactly memorable either.