Lay Waste To Wireless Networks With This Hacktastic Nexus 7

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Tablets are great for slouching on the sofa and checking your Facebook, but they can also be super sleek hack-machines. Take the new Pwnie Express Pwn Pad as an example; it's a fully-loaded hacker suite designed to puncture any network.


Built from a Nexus 7, the Pwn Pad obviously makes use of Google Android OS, but also has Ubuntu 12.04 tucked away inside to handle some of the more complex software built in. And that's not the only addition to the tablet's arsenal either; it also comes with a TP-Link wireless adapter to support packet injection at a far higher range than the Nexus 7's meager little wireless chip could do on its own.

Positioned as a tool for a serious security professional—a tool that could go so far as to replace a laptop in the field—the Pwn Pad doesn't come cheap. You can expect to pay a cool $795 for one when they ship in early April. And, even with that price tag, Pwn Pads don't really offer any additional functionality or software than a standard penetration-testing laptop doesn't have, but damned if it isn't slick as hell. And though it'd make for a fun toy for any script kiddies out there, they'd have to save up an awful lot of allowance before they could afford it. This is definitely a professional device. For awesome professionals. [Pwfnie Express via Wired]



Too bad my Nexus 7 would probably die half-way through the hack. When I had Android v4.0.4 on it, 9 hours of battery life. 4.2.2 - 3 hours. TF?