Watch These Quadrocopters Throw and Catch Poles Like Acrobats

There seems to be no end to the marvels that quadrocopters can achieve. Now, though, researchers have got 'em throwing and catching poles like acrobats—and it's amazing.


Carried out by researchers from Zurich's Institute for Dynamic Systems and Controls, the mini drones are capable of launching—and then catching!—an inverted pendulum (umm, a pole). Man, I would really struggle to do that, and these drones can do it perfectly. If you want to know more about how it all works Robohub has a great breakdown. Otherwise, just sit in awe like me. [YouTube via Verge]

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Pretty impressive, but the distance from these things catching stuff in mid-air and becoming intelligent, self-aware thinking machines is like the distance of us being able to travel to another star.