Which Dumb Little Everyday Technology Do You Wish Was Better?

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Two things about today practically guaranteed a bad day for me: it was raining and my nails were long. Why are these two things a harbinger of annoyance? Because I hate the little everyday 'technology' that's involved in solving their problems. Boo hoo me, right?


But seriously! Are we happy with umbrellas? They flip inside out, their skeleton pops out and stabs people, they love to break and hang out with other umbrellas in a trash can on a rainy day, they take up an entire hand—they're ineffective shields in solving the problem of rain. WHY CAN'T SOMEONE SMARTER THAN ME THINK THINK OF SOMETHING BETTER. Are we going to continue to use these weak umbrellas fifty years from now? I'm not happy with that.

Also. Nail clippers suck. Unlike umbrellas though, nail clippers are actually pretty effective in doing their job. They almost never break, they make you feel cleaner and they're relatively easy to use (unless you chop too much of your nail off). But what's terrible about nail clippers is that nearly all of them need some sort of receptacle to hold the flying nails. That's annoying. Why can't we just zap them off with lasers or something. Are we going to still be using the same damn nail clippers a 100 years from now? I'm not happy with that.

So. What kind of silly, little, everyday tech do you have gripes with? Think of something that no one really is bothering to improve because it's such a small annoyance. But centuries down the line, people will still be annoyed by them. Buttons on a remote control? Buttonless remote controls? Routers? Garage door openers? Hangers? The dryer? Hair dryer? Batteries (Batteries definitely need to be better)? Anything is fair game. Let me know because it rained today and my nails were long, I want to commiserate in misery.

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Because.. seriously? We don't have a better way than this?