This Bladeless Fan Is Your Beautiful-Appliance Deal of the Day

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While the Dyson Air Multiplier looks nothing like a conventional fan — it more closely resembles a quidditch goal — it's actually a fully functional appliance that got quite a bit of attention when it came out. Although Dyson touts the Air Multiplier as bladeless, it actually has a tiny fan hidden inside the body that pushes the air through the loop. If you're worried about power, this Dyson blows with the best of them. It can output 162 gallons of air per second, which is a fair amount of air for a consumer fan, but let's be honest: you don't want this because it's a better fan (although it is significantly quieter than a conventional fan), but because it would look amazing in your apartment. Here's Jason Chen's take:

These Dyson Air Multiplier fans are the essence of a luxury product... But perhaps other than the style benefit, you have a safety one. When you're getting into the large, room-sized fan space, you get the worry of having random small objects, not to mention your own hair, get caught in the blades. Maybe I'm only paranoid about this because my parents kept drilling this into me as a kid, but having a fanless solution eliminates any worry of having your scalp torn out because you accidentally placed your head too close to the back of a fan.

What's that worth to you? Six times the asking price of a normal fan? Perhaps. I do know that one of the first things I did while testing the fan was to stick my head through it.


Plus, there's hidden functionality. In addition to cooling your personal space, you can play fun games like this:

These Air Multipliers are beautifully designed gadgets, even if they are ridiculously pricy. However, right now, Woot's clearing out some Pedestal Dyson Air Multipliers (model AM03) for $180 — plus, they come with a 6 month Dyson warranty, so you're protected in case you get a lemon. A new AM03 from Amazon costs $360 and a refurb costs $280, so this is an awesome deal. [Woot]

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Gizmodo's go-to choice for the best value in light laptops is the 13" MacBook Air, for good reason. Although it seems expensive, the quality build ends up more than paying for itself over the life of the computer. And it's a value compared to the optical-drive equipped MacBook Pro, and was significantly less expensive than the pre-price cut MacBook Pro with Retina.


However, Apple cut the price of the 13" rMBP last week, and now we're seeing sales on the new price. Right now, from MacConnection, the entry-level rMBP is $1350. If you get an Apple refurb, you can get one for $1270. Compare that with a new MacBook Air at $1200. After last week's price drops, if you were looking to get a Air, you should consider spending a little more and getting that stellar screen.


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If you purchased the Game of Thrones Season 2 box set last week from Amazon, please note that the price decreased again to $30. Check your Amazon account; you've already been credited. [Amazon]


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It is factually incorrect to call the dyson air multiplier a "bladeless fan". It does in fact have blades.

They are in the base of the fan.

It is true that they are not visible, or exposed to the end user, but they DO exist.