Iran Is Mass Producing Knock-Offs of the US Drone It "Downed"

Illustration for article titled Iran Is Mass Producing Knock-Offs of the US Drone It "Downed"

Iranian state television reports that the country's military has not only successfully decrypted surveillance video from the Scan Eagle drone "captured" last December but have reverse engineered the avionics and are now rolling out a domestically-produced version of its own.


According to Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy, the IRGC Naval and Aerospace Division has already deployed the home-brew models.

His comments regarding the production start up reportedly came on December 17th, less than two weeks after the drone was supposedly captured of the Iranian coast on December 4th. Even with the Scan Eagle's primarily off-the-shelf construction, such a rapid turn-around from discovery to replication seems abrupt at best. Let's just hope they are more air-worthy than that "stealth fighter" the IRGC debuted last week. [Press TV via UAS Vision]



Assuming this is completely true (a big assumption, I'll admit), we will have absolutely no moral ground to stand on if Iran starts using these to take out "imminent threats" to its security in the Middle East.