Gravity-Controlled Pac-Man Is Now Available for iOS and Android—and It Looks Quite Fun

I thought Not Pacman—a version of Pac-Man that uses gravity to control the yellow hungry monster—was awesome and needed to be ported to iOS and Android ASAP. Gizmodo reader Pierre-Yves Gatouillat agreed with that opinion and he did just that. He sent this via email:

I read your article two weeks ago about Not Pacman, thought the idea was awesome, so I immediately started to port it to iOS (for jailbroken devices) and Android.

I don't know if you'll want to communicate publicly about it but if you do, please don't provide the download links. I really don't want to get in trouble with Namco or be banned from the Apple developer program.
Sašo Smolej told me to remove the logo and change the name in case I planned to release it on the Appstore or Google Play. I won't, but I guess Namco has already started to bother them :\

I'm sure that you are all very smart and will be able to easily find it. In the meantime: Namco, if you are reading this, don't chase these guys. Instead, hire them and get this game officially released in the stores. Thanks!

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

It's a neat idea although I'm not sure it's too challenging since the enemies are also affected by the gyroscope and do not seem to walk around to try to get you.

This game reminds me of the game Labyrinth. Does anyone know if there's a gyroscope software version of this game on iOS or Android?

Edit: Not sure why my initial search didn't turn up any results, there are clearly many games of this type (including some called Labyrinth) in the Google Play store.