You Will Spend 43 Days on Hold in Your Life

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What's a reasonable time to be put on hold when you call customer service? A few minutes? Five? Ten? Well all those minutes add up because over a course of a lifetime, the average person will be on hold for 43 days. Yeah. Forty. Three. Days.


It's nuts. TalkTo, a company that allows people to text businesses for help, and ResearchNow found that more than half of the people they surveyed spend 10-20 minutes per week on hold (that seems like a lot). Add that up and that's 13 hours per year and 43 days over an average life. I'm never going to waste my time calling customer service again!

Personally, I probably only contact customer service once a month (if that). That means roughly 2 hours of being put on hold a year. Which is probably about 4 days of my life being wasted away to cracking elevator music and a soothingly annoying voice telling me to get a home phone service as part of the triple play package. That sure beats 43 so okay, not as bad. [TalkTo via Huffington Post, Neatorama Image Credit: jcjgphotography (Shutterstock)]


Recently I've been loving chat based online customer service. More and more websites are utilizing this feature these days. Wait times are significantly shorter and when you're done most give you the option of saving a transcript. Amazon's chat customer service is fantastic.